Marine Insurance Designed for Your Needs

As the shipping world continues to grow with industry change ,laws , safety regulation, and security concerns, Marine insurance provides a haven for shipping corporations and transporters as it provides protection against transport related losses protecting the interest of the shipping entities and transporters by providing you with an insurance needed to defend against natural occurrences like weather hazards, encounters, pirates and cross border conflicts that might disrupt the cargo or vessel causing a significant financial hardship for ship owners.

Asterix will deliver unparalleled service and a considerable breadth of marine insurance advice and solutions to serve maritime industries including offshore, logistics, ports and terminals, cruise and passenger, bulk and commodity traders and marine construction.

The core products and services we specialise in are:


  • Hull and machinery
  • Increased value, freight, and anticipated owners’ interest
  • Loss of hire and loss of revenue
  • Construction and builders’ risks


Protection and indemnity

  • Comprehensive general liabilities, including contractual liability
  • Terminal operators’ liabilities
  • Ship repairers’ liability
  • Transport / logistics / freight forwarders’ liabilities
  • Professional liability
  • Excess marine liabilities
  • Special risks
  • Third party liability (injuries, illnesses, and loss of life)
  • Medical expenditure


Cargo and transit

  • Physical damage to cargo