Claims Managed For You

Claims management and settlement has become a phenomenal nightmare for most policy holders who do not have a professional is a compelling truth that most policy holders are disappointed with insurance as a business and insurance companies due to sometimes the unusually difficult and embarrassing stress that they have to endure to have their admissible claims settled. 

In most cases, some clients abandon pursuit of such claims midstream due to pure anguish and frustration.

As a result, policy holders invariably do not lodge genuine claims with insurance companies but resort to settling unfortunate incidents out of their own resources.

Our broking team is backed by a claims expert experienced in handling complex and sensitive claims bringing them to a speedy resolution after reviewing to verify the authenticity and compliance with policy terms and agreements. The team is immensely equipped to deliver comprehensive cover for our clients because of our close relationship with a wide range of insurance companies countrywide.

Our professional expertise is at the doorstep of policy holders to take advantage of and avoid the needless struggle, frustration that have characterized claims settlement without professional support.

Our Services

  • Personal Accident
  • Own damage claims
  • Third party property claims
  • Third party injury



Our brokerage service to our registered client is free. However, services rendered to unattached client is 25% of the total claim amount.